Should Authors Take Bad Reviews Seriously?

7 thoughts on “Should Authors Take Bad Reviews Seriously?”

  1. I think it’s even more important to realize that all writers that write great books get bad reviews. That’s not to say if you get a bad review your book is amazing (obviously), but that getting bad reviews just comes with the territory.

    Books are art, and just like any other piece of art, not everyone’s going to like it. In fact, the best art is the stuff that polarizes those who come across it. It’s the stuff that has the longest impact, the stuff that actually matters and causes change.
    Bad reviews hurt, I’m not even going to try and pretend they don’t…but if you’re not getting bad reviews, you’re probably doing something wrong.

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    1. Great points! It always surprise me how many authors have unrealistic expectations regarding reviews. And there’s always some other author that tells them to just ignore it…their books are great, etc. Maybe that’s true for a core, target audience, but a wider reach means varying opinions. Authors, especially indie authors, need to realize and accept that.

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