About That Atticus Spoiler…

5 thoughts on “About That Atticus Spoiler…”

  1. Just to ask for the sake of argument: doesn’t that fact that he is racist make it even better that he stood up for justice and truth in the first place? Not many racists would. I think when looked at it from that perspective, it is interesting. But yes, this is not a sequel, just the first draft a a debut author’s work. I don’t think this should have ever been published so I refuse to accept it as cannon.


    1. That’s certainly an interesting perspective, but not a believable one. Not many? Not any if recent events in this country are an indication. Imagine that happening in 1930s Alabama? While I see a person who has rejected hate defend an innocent black man during those times, a person with this Alternate Atticus’s views isn’t likely.


      1. I haven’t read it yet so I am not sure how far she pushes it. Not cannon, not reading. As far as i am concerned, we would never publish a debut authors first manuscript nowadays. They are usually terrible and should never see the light of day. I don’t think she wanted this published anyways.


      2. I’m going to read it just to see how far she pushes. Judging from the quotes in NYT, it’s pretty bad. I’m like you – this is not canon and should never have been published.


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