REVIEW: Dutch, by Madhuri Blaylock

8 thoughts on “REVIEW: Dutch, by Madhuri Blaylock”

  1. Reblogged this on Madhuri Blaylock Writes and commented:
    “The prose reads like verse, with words and sentences that tumble over each other like the emotions of the characters. If you’re going to write in first person, this is how you do it…Madhuri Blaylock kicks so much ass with DUTCH. It is now a favorite read of 2015.” SQUEE. Mad mad love for my dirty nasty book and my sexy-as-fuck characters, Dutch and Juma.

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  2. First off, thank you so so much for reading my dirty nasty book and then falling in love with it. Goddamn, you made me a happy bitch today. I love so much of this review – “a favorite read of 2015” – “Madhuri Blaylock is unapologetically smutty” – FUCK YEAH! – but I especially love that reading your words gave me a little of my writer mojo back and I’m seriously excited about getting home tonight and unleashing Juma and all of her badassery on the world. Well, onto my laptop.

    Also, a huge thanks for this blog and supporting all of us WOC out there, doing our diverse thing, trying to make it in this literary world. Y’all are major in helping us get a seat at the table and letting our characters be seen and heard by the rest of the world.

    Now I’m going to send this review to all my friends and family and annoy them for a bit.



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    1. Thank YOU for challenging the status quo and just writing a damn good book. We’re only doing our part to change the industry from within. If our little blog can help, then great! Now, go write Juma being bad ass. I can’t wait for the sequel!

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