Hot Air: Feeling Overbooked

5 thoughts on “Hot Air: Feeling Overbooked”

  1. For most of high school, I didn’t care for reading. It was funny because I’ve been writing since before high school. Once I did get into reading, I would never read the books assigned in English classes. If reading felt like work, I didn’t want to do it. I think that’s the major hurdle for you: reading is now work. And while that’s awesome in some ways, work is still work.

    I don’t really have any answers, but a couple suggestions:
    1. Gauge a comfortable number of books you can read for the blog and then narrow it down one. Slip in a book or two that you read just for fun. Not for work or for the blog, just for you. No deadlines or expectations or anything.

    2. Explore different genres. I know when I read several books in a row of the same genre, they all start to sound the same. Sure, every genre has its tropes and character types, but if you’re hopping between, say, romance and fantasy and mystery (etc.) you won’t notice as much. Maybe reading won’t seem like work?

    That’s just a few suggestions I have! As much as I love working in publishing too, the vast amount of words per day I need to process through my mind can be daunting and draining. But it’s what I love to do, so when it starts to become “un-fun,” something needs to change.

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    1. Good advice, David! I totally agree about trying to switch things up. Reading a non-fiction book at the moment. Very slowly. Have a few more I want to read at some point this year to break up all the genre fiction. I’m just on overload. And reading has been my profession for over a decade. Longer if you count majoring in English Lit during undergrad. I’m burnt out. And it’s all starting to feel like high school again, as you said.

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